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a lawsuit filed 10 years ago by the eldest daughter of a separated family asking for the inheritance of her father to her younger siblings who remain in the North, the inheritance rights of North Koreans are also recognized. I filed a lawsuit against my eldest sister, who allowed her younger siblings to share property.

Reporter Ahn Hee-jae covered the story.

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gray-haired brothers and sisters who look ordinary, and the badge of general secretary Kim Jong-un on their chests, suggests that they are North Koreans.

This is the image of the younger brothers left in the north of Mr. Yoon Mo, who followed his father in South Korea during the Korean War.

Ten years ago, Mr. Yoon filed a lawsuit against his half brothers in Korea, saying that when his father left a legacy of about 10 billion won in Korea, he should give it to his younger brothers in the north as well.

At that time, when the mediation was established, the right of inheritance of North Koreans was first recognized, and the South-North Family Special Act was enacted, in which the government manages the inherited property of North Koreans.

However, seven years later, this time, North Korean brothers filed a lawsuit against Yun.

[Mr. Yoon's younger brother/Residing in South Pyeongan Province, North Korea (2018): I am Yun ○○ living in ○○ City, ○○, South Pyeongan Province, the Democratic People's Republic of Korea.

I agree to entrust everything (related to the lawsuit) to lawyer Cho Joong-hwan in South Korea.] The

claim that Yoon signed a contract to


their assets of 3.5 billion won with his own real estate of 1.7 billion won is not true. .

So, they sent a video of their position and a number of confirmations to the court, and the court also accepted this as evidence and ruled that the younger brothers' property was returned to Yun.

However, it is impossible to restore it to its original state, because Yun has already used up all of his brother's assets.

The legal officer appointed by law should have worked beforehand before the North Koreans' inheritance was damaged, but it is difficult to contact North Korea, so there is no sharp method even if there is doubt.

It is said that it is very unusual even when a lawsuit proceeded by direct contact with North Korean younger siblings, as in the case of Yoon.

[Cho Jong-Hwan/North Korean Family Property Manager: (Lucky) I was able to confirm the intention of the North Korean people, but if (the government) had somehow investigated, at least a significant portion of the inherited property would have remained.] In the

end, under the current system Even if the inheritance right is recognized, it is said that there is a hole in managing it realistically, but the Ministry of Justice said that it will conduct research to compensate for this systemic loophole.

(Video coverage: Seol Min-hwan, Video editing: Lee So-young, CG: Seo Dong-min, Park Dong-soo)