The Busan Police Agency, which is investigating the suspected sale of L-City preferential sales, is calling and investigating a number of key people who are known as key aides of Chairman Lee Young-bok, the real owner of L City.

In a police investigation, these officials were known to be in charge of preparing a list of influential personnel for special sales and in the practice of the special sales process, separate from the company's official sales team.

At the direction of Chairman Lee, these officials secured more than 600 bankbooks for sale by car name before the apartments were sold, and secured 40 winning tickets through lottery. It is known that it has illegally created more than one winning ticket.

It is known that he told the police that he secured the right to sell with the winning ticket thus secured and handed it over to some influential people, including Chairman Lee's acquaintances.

In this process, Chairman Lee secured billions of won in slush funds to pay a down payment of 50 million won instead, or hand over the premium pre-sale right to the sale price to make unfair gains.

Based on their statements, the Busan Police Agency began the work of confirming the facts.