30s were arrested, traveling around Busan and Gyeongnam, borrowing smartphones for the elderly and making small payments of tens of millions of won in game money.

The Busan Sasang Police Department announced today (11th) that he was arrested and sent to him on charges of computer fraud and other charges.

Mr. A is accused of staying at a motel in Sasang-gu, Busan for 3 days from January of this year and paying 1.58 million won in game money by borrowing a mobile phone from the lodging business owner B.

It was investigated that he used the same method to turn motels around Busan and Gyeongnam to pay 45.3 million won for game money to an elderly motel owner in total 24 times.

It turned out that Mr. A mainly made small payments for game money such as Internet poker and GoStop.

There was also the boldness of asking for an account transfer from the victim, saying that it was'money sent from the company' after converting the game money with small payments in the victim's name into cash.

The police tracked down Mr. A, whose residence was not constant, and arrested him at a lodging facility in Daejeon.