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Goodbye to the looks, the flirtations, the messages or going out for a drink.

Or download a dating app and choose who you like the most.

According to the future imagined by the


The One

(Netflix, from March 12), finding the

ideal partner requires

sending a

DNA test


And wait for them to tell you who the perfect boy or girl is.

It's that simple and that easy.


In this

psychological thriller

of English production everything happens in a future that seems very near.

The One is a great company created by

Rebecca (Hannah Ware)

who, based on a

formula that combines mathematics with genetics

, determines who is best for us.

A 'better half' who, in this way, just waits for us to contact her so that a seamless relationship begins.


First Dates



could have done better


You do not have to choose, but everything is given.

Rebecca (Hannah Ware) is the protagonist of the series.

In this series, which could well go through an

extended chapter of

Black Mirror

, the leading role not only falls on the character of Rebecca, the board of The One capable of uniting millions of people around the world.

Also in

anonymous citizens

in London who are seduced by this method.

Some singles and others who, although they are married or have a partner, feel an

uncontrollable curiosity

to meet that unique person ('the one' in English).


As anyone could imagine, the series shows the dark side of an infallible a priori method.

Political attacks that threaten the

future of The One company

, people who suffer for thinking 'what if it were ...' or a plot that starts in the past and presents the main character of the story as a

great manipulator


Hannah (Lois Chimimba) and Mark (Eric Kofi-Abrefa) make an ideal couple?



and producer of the series is the same as







Howard Overman

has adapted the novel

The One

by John Marrs.

A 2017 bestseller that could lead to the new Netflix hit.

The series has been


mostly in

Great Britain

, in locations in Bristol, Cardiff and Newport.

Although also in Spain.

Specifically, the

Adán Martín auditorium in Santa Cruz de Tenerife

and several beaches in the

south of the island of Tenerife appear.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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