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"With government subsidies, low-interest loan loans are possible. Please provide cash only for existing loans."

In October of last year, victim A was deceived by a voice phishing organization who pretended to be an employee of the Financial Supervisory Service and withdrew 16.5 million won and handed it to B.

Mr. B, who received money from Mr. A and handed it over to the organization, was arrested last month after being pursued by the Uijeongbu Police Station in Gyeonggi Province.

It was found that the number of times Mr. B delivered money to the organization using a similar method was only 20 times confirmed by the police, and the amount amounted to 296.62 million won.

To prevent voice phishing, the Northern Gyeonggi Police Agency has recently disclosed cases of arrests and crimes.

The police explained that there is an increasing number of criminal tactics to provide low-interest loans with government subsidies.

Corona 19 after living is more difficult is aimed at the so-called 'youngkkeul (bar pull up the soul),' bittu ((loans received investment) group according to the received loans populace or investment craze.

Over 18 million won March 1000 C, who handed over to a voice phishing gang member, suffered a similar method. The

voice on the phone spoke like a loan consultation and naturally grasped C's loan situation and said, "If you repay the existing loan, you can make a better loan. It was deceived.”

The organization's delivery policy, which was arrested last month,


also found to have delivered 3795 million won to the organization over a total of 17 times.

There are still many victims who are being deceived by the existing method of pretending to be a prosecutor and saying, "The account was used for the crime, so withdraw it and pass it to the FSS staff."

A police official said, “The voice phishing crime method is becoming more intelligent and sophisticated, and the damage is increasing.” “It is 100% voice phishing that a financial institution or public institution asks you to deliver cash or ask for an account number or PIN number, so please be careful.” I asked.