China and Russia announced on Tuesday that they will build the "largest base on the moon".

The aim of the collaborative project is to enable more research into the moon.

The Russian space agency Roscomos has signed an agreement with the Chinese space agency CNSA to develop experimental research facilities for better research on and around the moon.

The moon base can be used by any country that has an interest in it,

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The project is, according to experts, China's largest international cooperation project in space to date.

Chen Lan, an independent analyst specializing in the Chinese space program, sees this development as very important.

Russia, China and the United States have recently been busy with developments in the field of space travel.

This is also a special project for Russia.

Russian Roscosmos boss, Dmitry Rogozin, had invited CNSA chief Zhang Kejian to the launch of Russia's first lunar lander since the 1970s, Luna 25, scheduled for October 1.

NASA's Mars rover Perseverance made its first test drive on the red planet last Saturday.

While the planning is not yet complete, the US plans to eventually send humans to the planet.


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