The SpaceX prototype during a test flight on December 9, 2020. -

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In just three days, 500,000 people applied to the call for applications to travel around the moon in 2023. The project was launched by SpaceX and is funded by Yusaku Maezawa, reports



It is also the Japanese billionaire who unveiled this figure on March 5, while the call for applications was only launched on March 2.

Three days later, 500,000 volunteers from all over the world stepped forward.

By March 14, the closing date for recruitment, the number of volunteers should have increased significantly.

#dearMoonCrew applications are now more than 500K and from 239 countries + areas.


1. India🇮🇳

2. US🇺🇸

3. Iran🇮🇷

4. Turkey🇹🇷

5. France🇫🇷

6. Japan🇯🇵

7. UK🇬🇧

8. Mexico🇲🇽

9. Spain🇪🇸

10. Canada🇨🇦

11. Colombia🇨🇴

12. Russia🇷🇺

13. Germany🇩🇪

14. Bangladesh🇧🇩

15. Brazil🇧🇷

- Yusaku Maezawa (MZ) (@yousuckMZ) March 5, 2021

Eight candidates for a five-day trip

The most numerous candidates come from India, then from the United States, Iran and Turkey.

France comes in fifth position ahead of Japan.

Once all the applications have been received, a selection phase will take place until June to choose the lucky eight who will participate in this space trip.

In this context, remote video interviews as well as medical examinations will be carried out.

The selected candidates will then have to participate in a training program in order to prepare for this trip which should last a little more than five days.

SpaceX's spacecraft will depart from the United States.

The craft will loop around the Earth before heading towards the Moon.

It will make another loop around the satellite before returning to its starting point and landing on dry land, normally in Florida.


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