Regarding the denial of the'non-face-to-face voucher' of the Ministry of SMEs and Startups reported by SBS, the government was pointed out by a standing member of the National Assembly and requested correction.

People's Power Rep. Han Moo-kyung received a report on the work of the SMEs at the general meeting of the Small and Medium Venture Business Committee of the National Assembly's Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy yesterday (8th) and inquired about the related matters.

In the non-face-to-face voucher business, one lawmaker demanded thorough management of the mid-term and mid-term, saying that fraudulent activities such as paybacks and rebates are taking place among participating companies, and subsidies by certain companies are taking place.

In response, Minister of Strategy and Finance Kwon Chil-seung said, "The business plan was wrong."

Earlier, SBS reported that the government's non-face-to-face voucher platform, the so-called K-voucher project included in the Korean version of the New Deal, was stained by the fraudulent supply and demand of subsidies by related companies.