Four suspects were arrested after a brawl in Champigny-sur-Marne, in Val-de-Marne.

They are accused of being involved in the assault of two teenagers aged 14 and 15, Monday evening in the city center of the municipality of Val-de-Marne.

Around 6 p.m. in Champigny-sur-Marne, in Val-de-Marne, two teenagers aged 14 and 15 were seriously injured by knives during a fight between two groups from the Boullereaux district and the city of Mordacs , Monday evening.

The events took place in the city center, near the town hall.

Open investigation

Four young suspects were arrested in the wake of the police from the BAC.

Two of them could be directly linked to the stabbing.

The two injured were hospitalized, they are in serious condition.

The 14-year-old is between life and death, according to AFP sources.

The Créteil prosecutor's office opened an investigation, entrusted to the police of the territorial security of Val-de-Marne.