The teenager who accused Samuel Paty of Islamophobia finally reconsidered her remarks during a hearing.

The one who had denounced the cartoons shown by the professor during a lesson was not actually present that day.

Confessions necessary according to his lawyer Me Mbeko Tabula, who spoke Monday on Europe 1.

The teenager who accused Samuel Paty of Islamophobia, the history teacher murdered in the Yvelines last October, confessed during a hearing to have lied.

As revealed by

Le Parisien on

Sunday, the student was not actually present during the course on Charlie Hebdo cartoons which fueled the controversy.

His lawyer, Me Mbeko Tabula, qualified his confession as necessary on Europe 1 on Monday.

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"My client admitted having lied, having said that she was present the day these cartoons were shown, when it was not the case. And she blames herself terribly," he said.

Me Mbeko Tabula also explained that he pushed the student to tell the truth because "it was not in his interest to lie given the seriousness of the facts and given the stakes".

Do not overwhelm the teenager

In addition, the lawyer insisted on the fact that his client was in no way responsible for the attack of which Samuel Paty was the target.

"Above all, I do not want people to say that she is responsible for this beheading insofar as the assailant allowed himself such cruelty because he had a death drive that inhabited him, and that he needed a pretext to take action, "he recalled. 


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Me Mbeko Tabula finally called not to take shortcuts and to "keep reason" in this affair.

"We must not forget that she was 13 at the time and that it remains a teenager in construction".

The girl has since been indicted for "slanderous denunciation".

A total of 14 people are currently being indicted in the investigation into the assassination of the teacher of Conflans-Sainte-Honorine.