An employer is accused of having sent humiliating and degrading emails to the entourage of his former director of human resources and lover.

Monday, justice should deliver its verdict on this case.

The victim's lawyer explains, on Europe 1, how the case has all the characteristics of harassment.

This director of human resources recounts having lived two months of horror.

Her former employer with whom she had an affair, would not have accepted their breakup.

He would not have accepted either that she decides to change companies.

He is accused of flooding his entourage with malicious emails for two months.

Then begins a case that has all the characteristics of harassment whose verdict is expected Monday. 

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"He sent around 2,000 employees of this new company extremely malicious emails, nude photos of her, photos of a sexual nature," said the victim's lawyer, Me de La Morandière.

For two months, a former HRD would have lived through hell.

Her former boss and lover is said to have decided to take revenge on a massive scale.

To this were added hundreds of malicious, slanderous and intimate emails addressed to nearly 300 people including the family of this woman, her friends, her parish and even the parents of her children's school.

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"It is to undermine his dignity and his professional credibility"

Multiple repeated acts that characterize harassment, according to the victim's lawyer.

"When you explain that a woman who has studied, who is a senior manager, who has succeeded and who has carried out her career very well, that she only succeeded because she is a woman and she playing sexual favors is to undermine his dignity. It is also to undermine his professional credibility ", adds Me de La Morandière. 

The prosecution requested 30 months in prison against the perpetrator.