Actor Lee Ji-eun (52), who appeared in the popular drama'Young Man's Yangji' in the 1990s, died.

According to police, Mr. Lee was found dead at his home in Jung-gu, Seoul, around 8 p.m. yesterday (8th).

The police were dispatched to the scene after receiving a report from an acquaintance stating that "Mr. Lee will not be contacted."

Mr. Lee is known to have been living alone after his son joined the military.

Lee, who debuted as a model in the 1994 SBS program'Good Morning', won the New Best Actress Award at the 16th Blue Dragon Film Festival and the 34th Daejong Film Festival for the movie'Kum Hong Ah Kum Hong Ah'.

In 1995, she appeared in the drama'Young People's Yangji' and made her name and face known to the public.

The police plan to determine the exact cause of death through an autopsy.

(Photo = Yonhap News)