The recent controversy over which Dong-A Pharmaceutical, which has recently gained a lot of attention through the sale of sanitary napkins at a discount, asked female applicants a sexist question during the hiring process.

On the 5th, the YouTube entertainment program'King Nego' released a video to negotiate the discount sale of sanitary napkin products with Choi Ho-jin, president of Dong-A Pharmaceutical.

The video was so popular that the number of views was close to 1.6 million, but the mood was reversed when a comment from a netizen who had seen an interview with Dong-A Pharmaceutical in November of last year appeared.

Netizen A said, "At the end of last year, when I was interviewed at the end of last year, the person named HR team leader, who was the only female interviewer, asked me,'Do you agree to get a lower salary than men because women don't go to the military?' Nego (negotiate) for women's products?

In an article posted on the job search and job site, Mr. A specifically listed interview questions and said, "I saw the strong will of the HR team that they will never hire women. The HR team deliberately saw an additional point in the military and the military to reject me as a woman. I asked a service-related question. When I answered, the expression of the personnel team was immediately distorted."

As the controversy grew, Dong-A Pharmaceutical CEO Choi Ho-jin admitted that Mr. A's claim was true by leaving a comment on the video of'King Nego'.

President Choi said, "On November 16, 2020, during the first practical interview for new recruits, one of the interviewers was confirmed to have asked a question that made the applicant uncomfortable outside our interview manual." "I sincerely apologize to the applicant. In the near future, we will open an in-house personnel committee to determine the level of disciplinary action (for interviewers).”

Accordingly, on the 8th, Mr. A posted a post titled'I am a victim of a gender discrimination interview with Dong-A Pharmaceutical' on the blog platform'Brunch' and requested a sincere apology from Dong-A Pharmaceutical.

Mr. A said, "The person who asked me the question in question was not just'one of the interviewers', but the'HR team leader'." Implies that it is not irrelevant."

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(Photo ='Dallas Studio' YouTube capture, online community capture)