Out of the 11 people reported to have died after vaccinating the Corona 19 vaccine in Korea, it was concluded that 8 of the 11 patients who had completed the primary review had no connection with the vaccination.

The remaining three have not yet completed the first round of review.

The Corona 19 Vaccination Response Promotion Team (Promotion Team) announced these results at a regular briefing today (8th).

The promotion team said, "Eight cases of the investigation did not correspond to'anaphylaxis', which could lead to sudden death after vaccination."

However, in order to determine the exact cause of death, the promotion team plans to conduct autopsy in some cases.

The promotion team explained that "4 out of the 8 cases subject to investigation are currently undergoing autopsies," and "We plan to check the final autopsy results and conduct further evaluation by the vaccination damage investigation team."

In addition to 8 cases, the promotion team is conducting epidemiological investigations on severe adverse reactions such as additional reported death cases.