What's the best laptop with a 15 inch screen?

And which one has the best price-quality ratio?

NU.nl and the Consumers' Association provide an answer.

Are you looking for a laptop that is useful at home and on the go?

Then a 15-inch model is a great choice.

Laptops of 15 inches are the most sold.

You can work comfortably on these models and they fit in most bags.

The Consumers' Association tests laptops for speed, screen quality, hardware and ease of use, among other things.

A total of 91 laptops were tested.

Within the category with a 15-inch screen, a laptop from Microsoft is the Best in the Test.

There is currently no Best Buy due to limited availability.

Are you looking for a good and cheaper alternative?

Then the MateBook D from Huawei is a good option

Best in Test: Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 (VGZ-00029)

  • Target price: 1,509 euros

  • Test verdict: 8.1

  • Total hard disk capacity: 256 GB

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 Microsoft Surface (R) Edition

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This model from Microsoft is certainly not cheap.

But this laptop beats all of its competitors.

It is an excellent laptop with a beautiful screen.

Unlike other Surface models, this model has a traditional shape.

That means you cannot detach the screen from the keyboard.

The speed of the laptop is good.

It starts up nice and quickly and can handle most tasks very well.

Only for heavier games and video editing it lacks some speed.

He especially stands out because of the screen.

The screen scores well on all components.

The screen is touch sensitive and has a high resolution of 2,496 by 1,664 pixels.

With a weight of 1.5 kilos, you can easily take it with you.

And on the road it lasts for about 5.5 to 8.5 hours on a full battery.

A disadvantage is the number of USB connections.

The laptop only has two, both are USB 3.2 (gen1).

What can also be a disadvantage is that, except for the SSD, you cannot replace any parts.

Note: More laptops came out as Best in the Test.

Here we highlight the laptop that is the lowest priced.

Alternative: Huawei MateBook D 15 "2020 (53010UEB)

  • Target price: 549 euros

  • Test verdict: 7.6

  • Total hard disk capacity: 256 GB

  • Processor: AMD Ryzen 5 3500U

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This model cannot compete with the Best in the Test, but it is a lot cheaper.

It's a great laptop.

With 1.5 kilos you can take it with you just as easily and the battery lasts for about 3.5 to 6.5 hours.

The laptop is fast and starts up quickly.

It is well suited for the most common tasks, such as word processing or surfing the internet.

Just like the Best in the Test, this laptop is also not suitable for heavier games or for editing videos.

You do sacrifice a bit on the performance of the screen.

The screen is not bad, but especially the color reproduction and maximum brightness are less good.

The number of USB connections is correct.

You have four USB connections, two of which are USB 3.2 (gen1).


In this column we write weekly about household and technological appliances that have been tested by the Consumers' Association.

This is a collaboration between the independent editorial staff of NU.nl and the Consumers' Association.

The Consumers' Association tests thousands of products every year, together with qualified technicians in specialized laboratories at home and abroad.

The products being tested are bought in the store so that they are not pre-manipulated by manufacturers.

New models are tested as soon as possible after introduction.

How fast that is differs per product.

The Best in Test is the product with the best test rating.

This can also be a somewhat older model, because a newer model is not always better.

The Best Buy is the product with the best price-quality ratio.