A man set a woman on fire in a bus in Seine-Saint-Denis before fleeing, then being arrested.

The vital prognosis of the victim, burned on the level of the face, scalp and neck, is not engaged.

According to a police source, it would be a "completely gratuitous act of an imbalanced", with no apparent link with this woman. 

A 54-year-old woman was injured after being sprayed with flammable liquid on Saturday evening in a bus circulating in Noisy-le-Sec, in Seine-Saint-Denis, by a man who set her on fire before fleeing, we learned Sunday from corroborating sources.

The alleged perpetrator of these acts committed shortly after 7 p.m., aged 41, was arrested and taken into custody on Sunday morning, the Bobigny prosecutor's office told AFP.

The victim was burned on the face, scalp and neck, without his vital prognosis being engaged.

She is due to leave the hospital on Sunday, according to a source close to the investigation.

The victim's companion immediately rescued him, helped by the bus driver who extinguished the fire with a fire extinguisher, a police source told AFP.

"The gratuitous act of an unbalanced" without apparent connection with this woman 

Both, slightly injured, were also taken care of by the firefighters.

An investigation for attempted voluntary homicide was entrusted to the judicial police of Seine-Saint-Denis.

"It seems that we are facing the completely gratuitous act of an imbalance, there is, a priori, no link between this woman, who does not live in the department, and her attacker" , according to a police source.

"All means are being mobilized to find the perpetrators of this odious attack," the Paris Police Prefecture tweeted on Sunday morning.