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couple of aunts who eventually killed their 10-year-old nephew after biting and torture were handed over to trial.

There were several times, including constant assaults and bizarre abuses, saying that we should chase ghosts from children, and it turned out that the mother was neglected even after learning about such abuses.

Reporter Kim Min-jung's report.

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8th of last month, after a water torture, a couple of my aunts who were under arrest for killing their nephew were handed over to trial.

The prosecution indicted the couple on charges of murder and child abuse, but at the time of their nephew's death, although they fell several times in three hours of assault, they believed that the murder was intentional after continuing torture.

It was revealed that these couples were abused 14 times from last December until their nephew died.

Two weeks before their nephew's death, the couple bound and tortured their nephew's hands and feet, and they were forced to eat the excrement of their dogs, and even filmed this process with videos and photos.

Aunt, a shaman, was investigated in the abuse video, saying that her nephew muttered incomprehensible words and said, "I have to chase after a ghost," saying that she can't cover the urine and feces.

It was confirmed that the real mother who entrusted the child also knew this and gave her a peach branch, which is said to be used to chase ghosts rather than drying it.

An official at the prosecution said, "It seems that my nephew was assaulted by thinking that he was possessed by a ghost."

The prosecution is also investigating the charges of neglect, abandonment, and aid of child abuse.

(Video editing: Wonhee Won)