<Anchor> With the number of

corona19 vaccine vaccinations exceeding 225,000, two reported deaths after vaccination, and a total of seven became seven.

There has not been a case of death from a vaccine side effect that has yet to be confirmed.

This is reporter Kim Deok-hyun.

<Reporter> The number of

vaccinations has increased to 225,000,800 with an additional 67,000 people yesterday (4th).

There have been 1,578 reports of suspicion of adverse reactions after vaccination. Most of them are mild symptoms such as headache or fever that relieve symptoms within a day or two of vaccination.

However, the number of reported deaths increased by 2 to 7 in total.

Both men were men in their 40s and 60s who were admitted to a nursing hospital, and both had underlying diseases, and died 46 and 54 hours after receiving the AstraZeneca vaccine, respectively.

Currently, the first causal evaluation with the vaccine is underway, and the health authorities have requested that you receive the vaccination with confidence.

[Yoon Tae-ho/Head of the Central Accident Control Headquarters: No cases of death due to side effects of vaccination have been confirmed in major developed countries.

Please follow the guidance and guidelines of the authorities to receive pre-diagnosis from medical staff and receive vaccinations with confidence.] The

government has started delivering 350,000 AstraZeneca vaccines this month for the AstraZeneca vaccine, which it has decided to introduce through Cobax Facility, a vaccine joint purchase organization. As a result, it has been confirmed that a total of 1.05 million people will be supplied by May.

Pfizer Vaccine has received final approval from the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety for vaccination over the age of 16.

Whether or not to be vaccinated at the age of 16 or 17 is determined through the Vaccination Committee of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.