The police arrested three employees of a telecom provider at the end of February.

At least one person, the main suspect, is suspected of theft of a 06 number, which was possible because the person could look into the provider's systems.

The person had the option to remotely reset the SIM card of the 06 number.

He could then steal the number by linking it to a new SIM card.

The police are still investigating the exact roles of the two other suspects.

A 06 number can be valuable because a phone number can be linked to online accounts.

That way, the number is a way to access those profiles.

In addition, the victim loses his 06 number.

In this case, the suspects are targeting accounts with cryptocurrency.

The 06 number would be required to obtain a login code sent by text message.

It is unclear whether digital coins were also stolen afterwards.

The case started after the telecom provider itself reported suspicious behavior by an employee.

Stealing a 06 number in this way is called sim swapping.

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