The European medicines agency EMA is said to have been hacked by Russia and a Chinese hacker group.

De Volkskrant



on Saturday based on its own research.

The daily writes based on anonymous sources that the EMA was already a target of Chinese hackers in the spring of 2020.

In the fall, Russia reportedly targeted the organization successfully.

The Russian intelligence service would have gained access to the e-mail traffic.

At one point the hackers saw a file pass by with which an EMA employee can be authenticated to use the network.

By intercepting this and using it themselves, the Russians would have managed to get through to the EMA network.

The Amsterdam-based drug agency, which is reviewing the authorization of corona vaccines for the European market, announced in early December that it was the target of a cyber attack.



and German regional public broadcasters did not mention much later that the attack probably the work of a foreign government.

In January, Pfizer and BioNtech announced that hackers had accessed data from their vaccine.

In addition, stolen EMA documents came online, but according to the organization, the content had been edited.

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