Twitter is testing a “cancel” button while sending a tweet -

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The possibility of returning to his post, in the space of a few seconds.

Twitter confirmed Friday that it is working on an option to cancel the publication of a tweet right after it is sent, a feature that has been claimed for almost as long as the social network has been around.

A spokesperson for the Californian group confirmed that tests were underway after a computer researcher, Jane Manchun Wong, revealed the information on the same social network.

The time for a loading bar to correct your tweet

She posted a screenshot of what the button might look like: A blue loading bar might appear while sending the tweet, giving the user a few seconds to "cancel" their message.

Since the beginnings of twitter, its users have called for a button to edit a message in the event of a spelling mistake or other error.

"We've looked at the practicalities (of an edit button), but we probably never will," Jack Dorsey, founder and boss of Twitter, said in an interview with Wired magazine in January.

The "undo" function would correct a problem immediately, without causing complications in the event of a change after a message has already been retweeted, for example.

It would look like a similar option on Gmail, Google's email service.

An option reserved for paying users?

Twitter has given no indication of a potential launch date, but according to US media the button may be reserved for future paying users.

At the end of February, the tweets network announced that it was considering offering subscriptions and paid services as a means of diversifying its income and reducing its dependence on advertising.

During his annual meeting for investors, he also presented the “Super Follows”, “super subscribers” who would subscribe to accounts, for a few dollars a month, in exchange for exclusive content, discounts on derivative products. , newsletters or access to a private group.

Frequented on average daily by some 192 million so-called “monetizable” users, the platform has set itself the goal of reaching 315 million by 2023.


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