<Anchor> On the

evening of the 4th yesterday, crude oil spilled from the underground pipeline of S-Oil in Onsan-eup, Ulsan.

Coast guards and firefighters were dispatched to the site to carry out emergency control work.

This is UBC reporter Kim Ye-eun.

<Reporter> The

work to recover the oil spilled from the pipe is in full swing.

Firefighters and S-Oil staff work hard to find the oil leaks.

Yesterday, around 6:20 pm, a report was filed at 119 in the vicinity of Leejin Port, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, saying that it smells of oil.

[Lee Sang-hak/Onsan Fire Station Rescue and Emergency Team Leader: The spilled crude oil is being recovered with a vacuum car.

(And work) recovered and at the same time so that the vapor does not occur and that]

accident I pipeline is a 42-inch diameter, the pressure pump nearby for the S-Oil to help the oil transported from the offshore oil loading facilities to onshore storage tanks It is buried.

[S-Oil official: We are aware that oil is leaking right now due to damage to the underground piping.

We are investigating the exact details.]

Oil has flowed to the sea, and the coast guard hits an oil fence and is working on a clean-up.

The coast guard cut off two pipes to prevent crude oil mixed with rainwater from flowing into the sea, and carried out a recovery operation with a control well placed.

[Kim Moon-cheol/Ulsan Maritime Police Station Marine Pollution Control Division Chief: We have completely blocked the rainwater pipeline so that it can no longer flow into the sea. Some of the existing oils are (removed) using skimmers, adsorbents, and pump cars. The

Coast Guard is planning to investigate the cause of the accident against S-Oil, which is the control agent and the exact amount of spillage.