Inès, 21, in biology, takes most of her courses at a distance, as here in January 2021 in Paris -

Jeanne Accorsini / SIPA

A working meeting.

An aperitif with family or friends.

Courses at the university ... So many moments that still often pass, a year after the start of confinement, by videoconferencing.

A means of communication hitherto marginal and which, thanks to the coronavirus epidemic, has become essential.

For some people, being filmed almost daily and seeing their own face in the corner of their computer screen triggered a click, altering their relationship to their physical appearance.

Since using video conferences on Zoom, Teams or Google Meet, has your relationship to your image changed?

Are you more accepting of your physical appearance?

On the contrary, you have decided to modify it, even if it means resorting to cosmetic surgery?

Or have you, more simply, made changes in clothing or hair?

Left free to long-standing desires?

Tell us everything!


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