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evening of yesterday (4th), 8,000 liters of crude oil spilled when an oil pipeline was damaged in Ulsan.

The maritime police and fire departments are working on a second day to prevent spilled oil from flowing into the sea.

Reporter Kim Ye-eun of UBC covered it.

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river covered in black oil strips, people in work clothes are busy moving to recover oil.

Yesterday evening, as oil leaked from the pipeline at S-Oil's Ulsan Plant, the second day of control work was carried out.

About 8,000 liters of crude oil spilled in this accident.

The spilled oil penetrated into the nearby soil, and some flowed into the binary port through piping.

[Kim Mun-cheol/Ulsan Maritime Police Station Marine Pollution Control Division Chief: We prioritize the containment of the outlet, and we have installed six oil fences so that oil does not spread outside...

.] The

accident occurred when the oil pipeline around the pressurization pump that helped transport crude oil from the offshore crude oil unloading facility to the onshore tank was cracked, and the crack was completely blocked after 12 hours.

[Lee Sang-hak/Onsan Fire Department Rescue Emergency Team Leader: Oil pipelines are transport pipes that enter the S-Oil plant through pipes from crude oil vessels.

Leaking from the plumbing...


In January of last year, crude oil was leaked due to the damage to the crude oil loading and unloading facilities off the coast of Ulsan managed by S-Oil.

The Coast Guard plans to investigate the cause of the accident and whether it is negligent, etc., against S-Oil as soon as emergency control is completed by today.

(Video coverage: Choi Hak-soon UBC)