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  • ADELANTO.'Woman ', the documentary that gives voice to thousands of women


Disney returns to theaters

with an animated film that will also be available on Disney + (with premium access for 21.99 euros) this Friday.

In this story directed by Don Hall, Carlos López Estrada, Paul Briggs and John Ripa, the protagonist is Raya, a brave and adventurous girl.

She lives in the

magical world of Kumandra

, where long ago there were dragons.

Now an evil force stalks his village and other rival communities.

And she is the one chosen to find the

last dragon

of the title.

Before this feature film you will be able to see the


We Again

, about a couple and in which there is no dialogue but there is a soundtrack to the rhythm of funk and soul.


One, two, three and many more stunt shots are what make this

British horror movie such

an amazing adventure.

Its protagonist is

Maise Williams

(the long-suffering Arya Stark from

Game of Thrones

), who plays a girl who accompanies two boys in the assault on a house inhabited by two old men.

As any thriller fan can imagine, nothing will ever turn out right.

Much less when


related to this 'adorable couple'




It could be seen at the Sitges Festival.


Thousands of interviews and visits to dozens of countries have been necessary to put this

ambitious documentary

on its feet


Coinciding with the celebration in a few days of International Women's Day, this French production

vindicates the role of women


And it does so by giving voice to thousands of them, with occupations as diverse as heads of state, farmers, models or writers.

In their

dialogues before the camera we

discover what role each one of them has in the communities to which they belong.


Sensitive, tender and with a mystery that must not be revealed.

This is a

Canadian drama

in which three

elderly people who live withdrawn from the world

accept that an 80-year-old woman stays in her cabin in the middle of a forest.

Before that, a young photographer will come to her hiding place looking for a person named Boychuck.

Fears, second chances and loneliness are three fundamental issues in a

story that is easy to get excited about.


The Belgian production


proposes a mystery story set in Tokyo with a girl who tries to succeed through deception.



, a documentary focused on Doña Olga, a fascinating woman who works in a cabaret in Mexico City and sees peculiar characters pass before her eyes.

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