The Greek philosopher did not write this sentence.


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What quote, famous on the Internet, did Aristotle never write?

  • “The people give their blood and their money, by means of which they are led.


  • “Popularity never goes without disfavour.

    Love for slaves is always doubled with hatred for masters.


  • “Slavery is never so successful as when the slave is convinced that it is for his own good.


If you answered all three, well done!

However, this last quote, which has been circulating virally for several days on Facebook and on Twitter, is attributed to the Greek philosopher (the other two are authentic and were written by Victor Hugo).

The Greek philosopher did not write this sentence.

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Aristotle looked at slavery, which of course gives credibility to the sentence.

However, we do not find any trace of it in

Les Politiques

(also translated under the title 

La Politique)

, a work in which the philosopher recorded his reflections on slavery.

This maxim has been circulating for several years, but it has become popular again due to measures taken by governments to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic.

It is shared in the form of a meme, accompanied by an image of a masked crowd.

The photo, authentic, was taken in August 2020 by an AFP photographer.

Another photo of this same Bordeaux artery, black with people in mid-February, had caused a lot of reaction.

The maxim also circulates in Spanish.

And this is not the only one too quickly attributed to Aristotle.

As Socrates never said, "never is a fake quote as successful as when its creator is convinced that it is for the good."


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