A test with the unmanned space rocket Starship of the US space company SpaceX ended in another explosion on Wednesday.

The rocket, which should eventually be able to transport people and goods to Mars, exploded after a successful landing at Boca Chica launch site in the state of Texas.

The 50 meter high SN10 prototype got off to a good start and successfully reached a height of 10 kilometers.

The vertical angle that the rocket had to make just before landing was also successful this time, but a few minutes after the rocket was back on the ground, things still went wrong.

It is the third time that a test flight of the Starship has ended in an explosion.

It also went wrong during test flights in January and February.

SpaceX aborted an earlier test flight at the last minute on Wednesday due to concerns about the thrust gauges.

It's not clear whether that problem had anything to do with the explosion.

Several more test launches with both missiles are planned.

The SN11 has already been set up in Boca Chica, but when that test will take place is not yet known.

The space company hopes to take people to the moon and eventually Mars with the Starship rocket.

The missile consists of two parts: Starship (the passenger and cargo part) and Super Heavy (the thruster).

When both missiles are joined, it is 120 meters high.



SN10 has decided to join SN8 and SN9.Still a great advancement with the landing.➡️https: //t.co/bOsEo1u0u0


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