At about 6:20 pm today (4th), a crude oil leak occurred around the S-Oil booster pump in Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan-si.

According to the Ulsan Fire Department and S-Oil, it is estimated that crude oil leaked from an oil pipe with a diameter of 42 inches buried near the booster pump due to an unknown cause.

The booster pump is a pressurized pump that increases the oil supply pressure so that crude oil can be transferred from the'buoy', which is an offshore crude oil unloading facility, to a storage tank on land.

In the event of the accident, a report was filed at 119 stating that it had a "severe smell of oil", and the company closed the pipeline valve to prevent further leakage.

Onsan Fire Station and Ulsan Maritime Police Station are carrying out emergency control work using vacuum vehicles that suck in oil.

In addition, we built a bank with sand around the accident site to prevent oil from flowing to the shore, and installed oil fences in nearby rivers.

The Ulsan Coast Guard and the fire department are investigating the amount of oil spill, the point and cause of the spill.

(Photo = Provided by Ulsan Maritime Police Station, Yonhap News)