He noted that "leukemia is a serious disease associated with impaired immunity in the first place."

“In this disease, the virus is suspected as the initiator of this disease.

It is possible that these viruses somehow interact with the coronavirus, "RIA Novosti Zhemchugova quotes.

The immunologist said that "chemotherapy for leukemia is very harsh, it suppresses the immune system."

“Moreover, if a person has already received such a procedure as a bone marrow transplant, there are generally powerful immunosuppressants included.

In this situation, of course, it is possible that the virus acquires a different course than that of ordinary people, ”he said.

Zhemchugov added that "these people need to be vaccinated at a time when the damage from the treatment is minimal, and only the attending physician should decide this, no one else."

Doctor-immunologist, Candidate of Medical Sciences Nikolai Kryuchkov, in an interview with FAN, commented on the situation with the pandemic.