Facebook on Thursday ended the ban on political ads around the US elections.

For the first time in months it is again possible to place advertisements about politics, elections and social issues.

“We plan to use the coming months to take a closer look at how these ads work, including to see where further changes are needed,” said Facebook.

The American tech company announced a ban on new political advertisements in November in the run-up to the elections in the United States.

In the weeks that followed, all political advertisements were banned after then-President Donald Trump publicly challenged the presidential election results he lost.

The company moved to the limitation amid growing concern that candidates might try to use ads to mislead voters about the election process or the results.

Facebook again allowed some political ads around the Senate elections in the state of Georgia in early January.

The full blockade came into effect again on 6 January.

“We introduced this temporary ban after the November 2020 elections to avoid confusion or abuse after election day,” the company wrote.