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After getting a job at a pharmacy with a forged license, a policeman in his thirties, who had been pretending to be a pharmacist, was caught.

The Busan Police Agency's Violent Crime Investigation Unit announced today (4th) that Mr. A, who is accused of fraud or violation of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, was arrested and sent to the prosecution as an opinion of prosecution.

Mr. A is accused of working as a short-term pharmacist at 4 pharmacies in Busan from October to December of last year, earning 120,000 to 200,000 won per day. Mr. A is known to have dispensed and sold medicines without a license over 40 times.

According to the police, Mr. A visited another pharmacy earlier and deceived himself as an employee of a health center, and then took over a copy of the pharmacist's license as a pretext for inspection and committed the crime.

Upon receiving a report of the damage, the police seized and searched Mr. A's home to secure a fake license and a forged medical school diploma. Afterwards, the police determined that there was a female offense and conducted an investigation, and confirmed that Mr. A had committed additional crimes at various pharmacies in Busan.

A police official said, "In order to prevent similar damage in the future, short-term pharmacists also registered with the Health Insurance Review and Assessment Service to determine the eligibility of short-term pharmacists in the Busan Pharmacy Society. I informed you of the related information," he explained.

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