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third trial was held today (3rd) on the adoptive parents who were accused of abusing young Jung In last year and killing him.

The Psychological Analysis Division of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office testified that the allegation that Jung-in had a psychopathic tendency toward her adoptive mother and that she did not intentionally throw or step on the child was false.

Reporter Minjung Kim reports.

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re-evaluation of the autopsy on Jeong In-i, the cause of death was'an act of strongly stepping on the abdomen.'

However, her adoptive mother, Jang Mo, has always denied this.

As it is a key issue, the investigation was conducted by mobilizing a lie detector.

The head of the Psychological Analysis Office of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, who came to the trial as a witness, said analysts unanimously decided that Jang's allegations were'false'.

Jang's assertion that there was no fact that he threw Jeong-in to the floor was also found to be'false'.

The head of the analysis office also testified of the results of the psychological analysis test on Jang.

He said it was found to be highly self-centered and aggressive, antisocial personality disorder, and psychopathic tendencies.

Specific testimony from neighbors regarding the situation on the day of death also came out.

A resident of the lower floor of Jung Ine said, "There was a loud sound like a male exercise equipment falling five or six times, so I was surprised and went up."

The resident said that he heard the sound of objects hitting the walls all day long along with the castle.

After the trial, her father, Ahn Mo, who had been running for a long time to avoid the reporters, knelt down and expressed her apology.

[Mr. Ahn/Stepfather: (Don't you ever explained why the child's mother made that sound?) Sorry.

I'm so sorry.]

(Video coverage: Lee Chan-soo, video editing: Lee Seung-hee)