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While suspicions were raised that LH employees of Korea Land and Housing Corporation had bought the land for speculation in the Gwangmyeong and Siheung new towns in Gyeonggi-do before the government announcement, some LH employees' reactions to the red-and-burn decoration are known, and they are inconsistent.

Yesterday (3rd), this is an article posted on'Blind', an anonymous community for office workers.

I ask if there is a law that says not to invest in real estate just because an LH employee is an LH employee.

He then argued that it was a matter to be judged by the court or the prosecutors' office whether it was an illegal speculation using inside information or an investment based on what he had studied.

Another member, who also appears to be an LH employee, also pointed out that among the more than 10,000 employees, those who bought the land in Gwangmyeong may have been caught, as if unconditionally abusing inside information was noisy.

The article said that netizens who saw this responded,'Is it a coincidence that seedlings were planted in the land to be accurately compensated for?' .


There was also a high interest in the article that an employee accused of taking pictures of guests' bodies secretly at a room escape cafe was arrested by the police.

Mr. A, a man in his twenties who works at a room escape cafe in Mapo-gu, Seoul.

On the afternoon of the 25th of last month, two female guests were guided to the room, and in the process, after being told to close their eyes, they are accused of photographing a part of the guest's body with his mobile phone.

At the time, a victim woman, who noticed a strange feeling, reported the crime to the police, and the crime was revealed.

It is said that Mr. A admitted the crime to the police officer who was dispatched after receiving the report.

The police are planning to check for additional crimes, such as digital forensicing the confiscated Mr. A's mobile phone.

--- A

picture of a dog whose mouth is covered with box tape was posted on the Internet and was shocking.

Mr. A, who lives in Seoul, recently wrapped up his dog's mouth with tape because one out of two dogs keeps barking.

Dogs live in a yard where outsiders can see it, so a resident who was passing by saw this and reported it to an animal rescue group.When an animal rescue group official visited the site with the official in charge, the tape on the dog's mouth was removed. .

However, the hair around the dog's mouth was missing and there were scars left, so treatment was urgent.

Mr. A explained that the dog kept barking, so he did it temporarily.

The group official received a waiver of ownership from Mr. A and took the puppy to an animal hospital for treatment.

Also, sooner or later, Mr. A will be accused of violating the Animal Protection Act to the police.