A teacher at a daycare center was handed over to trial on charges of abusing two children just two years old.

Of course, as a parent, I want to check what happened to my child, but there are parents who have not been able to properly watch CCTV footage for half a year even after knowing that their child has been abused.

First, reporter Lee Hyun-jung covered the contents.


In June of last year, Mr. A received a notification from the daycare teacher that his child had been hurt.

The teacher said that it happened when the child was about to be bitten by a friend and separated the two.

Since I had often found wounds before, I asked for CCTV footage of the daycare center to be checked.

[Mr. A/Mother of the victim: (Director) refused, saying that I could see if I had to get consent from my classmates and parents.

So I have to go over this. (I strongly asked.)]

Having seen some videos with difficulty, Mr. A was convinced that the teacher's explanation was false and immediately reported it to the police.

[Mr. A/Mother of the victim: The scene where the teacher pulls the child from behind the child immediately came out, and the child was just ill and shakes and cried.] The

police checked the CCTV for two months, and the situation of abuse of another child was revealed. .

[Mr. B/Mother of the victim: (Suddenly) I got a call and said that the police station would call me because I suspected of abuse during the investigation process.)]

However, parents couldn't confirm the abuse.

The daycare center said that the video was handed over to the police, and the police did not show it as an investigation record.

Eventually, after the teacher was handed over to trial, I was able to see all the abuse videos.

It was half a year after I learned of the abuse.

The children were struck in the head with a meal plate saying that they rang their friends, and they were beaten up for not taking a nap, and they were thrown by the teacher for playing a joke.

Children have been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder and are undergoing treatment.

[Mr. B/Mother of the victim: The symptoms of blinking eyes like this begin to appear after that.]

[Mr. A/Mother of the victim: (The child) always beats his family, and when asked why he was hitting him, he was angry. . I say)

(video interview: Lee Seung Hwan, video editing: yihongmyeong)  

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