A first hotel in space from 2027?



The conquest of space is no longer limited to the work of space agencies.

Little by little, other outlets are emerging, starting with space tourism.

Already, a first flight of tourists in a Space X rocket is announced for the end of the year 2021. But now we are considering the construction of the first hotel in low earth orbit.

Scheduled to be launched in 2025 under the direction of the Orbital Assembly Corporation, based in California, this hotel called "Voyager Station" should be operational from 2027. It will offer the same services as a cruise ship.

Space tourists will be able to enjoy the resort's restaurants, bars, a cinema, a gym, a spa, etc. The hotel is expected to accommodate up to 400 people.

A first hotel in space from 2027?

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Credit: Voyager Station

A chimera?

The tourist station will take the shape of a large circle, like the ship in the film

Alone on Mars

, and will be made up of 24 housing modules 20 meters long and 12 meters wide.

The station will turn on itself to generate artificial gravity.

The Gateway Foundation imagined the concept of the Voyager Station 2012. A project that began to materialize in 2018 with the creation of the Orbital Assembly Corporation (OAC) which counts among its teams veterans of NASA, pilots, but also engineers and architects.

Unfortunately, not much more is known about Voyager Station.

The construction of such a project should cost an astronomical sum of money.

As for the price asked for a night in this atypical hotel, it should be up to the immensity of this project which, at the present time, still seems impractical in such a near future.


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