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Panda team intensively reported to the end of last January about Choi Soon-young, former chairman of Shin Dong-A Group, who enjoys a luxurious life through his own foundation without paying additional charges and taxes of 260 billion won. Today (3rd), the tax collection team searched the residence of former chairman Choi and seized bundles of cash and expensive artworks.

Reporter Han Sohee reports.


Seoul city tax collectors scour the drawers.

[Stopping others' fortune!] The

closet is full of luxury bags, and a bundle of cash pours out from inside the safe.

A luxury villa in Yangjae-dong, Seoul, where Choi Soon-young, former chairman of Shin Dong-A Group, lives.

The house, which covers an area of ​​328 square meters and costs 3 billion won, is owned by the Torch Foundation, a religious organization founded by former president Choi in 1989.

In Seoul, they report to the Institute for Religion and the former President Choi's family lives like their own home.

It has been confirmed that the former chairman Choi, who has not paid a single penny for the additional tax for 15 years, leases three luxury cars under the name of the Torch Foundation, and has even used housework helpers.

[Choi Soon-young/Former Chairman of Shin Dong-A Group (2015): In our home where everything is gone and there is nothing, we leave the article with my wife at the ○○ church.] The

city ​​of Seoul has over 26 million won in cash and expensive prices at the house of the former chairman Choi


We have seized more than 20 works, including art.

It was also confirmed that the wife of the former chairman Choi sold 87 paintings last year for 3.5 billion won.

[Lee Byung-wook/Seoul City 38 Tax Collection Manager: 6,170 won in resident tax, which is paid by all ordinary citizens (does not pay.) Unconscionable and malicious arrears like Chairman Choi are tracked to the end to implement tax justice...

.] The

city ​​of Seoul decided to consider the cancellation of the establishment of a corporation and a prosecution against the Torch Foundation, which was the basis for the luxurious life of former Chairman Choi.

(Video coverage: Hwang In-seok, video editing: Lee Hong-myeong, screen courtesy: Seoul City)