The social medium Parler, whose web hosting Amazon no longer wanted to provide after the storming of the Capitol, is taking a different tack in its legal battle against the e-commerce company.

This is evident from court documents that have been made public.

Amazon no longer wanted Parler as a customer after the storming of the Capitol on January 6.

Supporters of former US President Donald Trump used the social medium to make inflammatory calls.

Due to the loss of web hosting, Parler went black, after which the social medium went to court for breach of contract.

The latter ruled that Amazon has not acted unlawfully by accepting Parler as a customer any longer.

Now Parler is withdrawing his case in federal court, according to a company-filed court document (PDF) uploaded by

The Verge on



At the same time, Parler is filing new charges against Amazon in a court that has jurisdiction over the US state of Washington (not the capital Washington), according to a document (PDF) uploaded by

Courthouse News Service


Amazon's choice, according to Parler, is politically motivated

In the indictment, Parler relies on state laws to claim again that Amazon committed unlawful "unfair or deceptive acts or practices" that hindered Parler's business.

“The real reason Amazon decided to suspend and / or terminate its contract with Parler was not because of alleged breach of contract, but because Amazon didn't want Parler to give a platform to conservative votes, including those for Donald Trump, or to effectively compete with other platforms such as Twitter. "

Parler can be used again since mid-February.

The company profiles itself as a safe haven for freedom of expression.

The Parler app still hasn't made it back to Apple and Google's app stores since those companies removed the app.