Instagram unveils a new feature: the "Live room".

An improvement of a feature that already exists on the application, the live video.

Widely used during the pandemic (especially by artists who performed concerts via Instagram), the direct will now be able to accommodate up to 4 users simultaneously.

Instagram unveils the "Live room", a new feature of the image-sharing social network.

The "Live Room" allows a maximum of four people to chat at the same time, during a live video visible to all Instagram users.

Lives already existed on this platform, but they were limited to two people at a time.

Despite a new name, this feature is therefore more of an improvement than a real novelty.

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A weapon against competitor Twitch?

As with the current lives, subscribers of participating accounts will receive a notification inviting them to watch the live.

The person behind the "Live Room" can add three guests at the start of the live, or invite them as the broadcast progresses.

The lives had experienced a boom in use during the first confinement, in particular thanks to the concerts at home set up by many artists.

The "Live Room" would be available worldwide by the end of the week.

Live Rooms has entered that chat

Today we're rolling out a way for you + three other people to go Live together and do your thing

- Instagram (@instagram) March 1, 2021

Some observers see this new feature as an attempt to resist its increasingly popular competitor Twitch.

It wouldn't be a first for Instagram.

The social network recently launched the "Reels", short videos inspired by Tik Tok.

A few years ago, the launch of the "stories" feature cut the grass under the foot of competitor Snapchat.