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the first time in Korea, former Sergeant Byun Hee-soo, who had undergone a sex change operation while serving in the military, was found dead at home.

Sergeant Byeon was being dismissed from the military after the sex change operation, and was proceeding with an administrative lawsuit, claiming that the disposition was unfair.

Police are investigating the exact cause of death.

This is Jung Yoon-sik.


Ex-Sergeant Byun


soo was found dead at around 5:50 pm yesterday (3rd).

A counselor at the counseling center who had been consulting with Sergeant Byeon reported to 119 when Sergeant Byeon had not been contacted for several days, and a firefighter dispatched to find the Sergeant Byeon who died.

Sergeant Byun is known to have lived in Cheongju, Chungbuk, his hometown after being forced to discharge from the military in January of last year.

Sergeant Byeon went on vacation abroad last year while serving as a member of the army and underwent sex change surgery from male to female.

He expressed his intention to return to Korea and continue serving as a female military, but the military did not accept it.

The change in the body caused by sex change surgery was judged as a kind of injury, and it was judged as '3rd degree of mental and physical disability', and in January of last year, forced discharge was decided.

Sergeant Byeon subsequently filed a lawsuit asking for the cancellation of the disposition, and the National Human Rights Commission of Korea recommended that the dismissal be canceled last month, but the military did not accept it.

The police investigating the cause of the death said that no will was found, and that it will request an autopsy with the consent of the bereaved family.

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