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you heard, the exact reason why the two people who received the Corona 19 vaccine died, requires further scrutiny.

Then, medical reporter Cho Dong-chan asked the commissioner who was investigating the damage how the investigation would be conducted and what the issue would be.


The first thing the damage investigation team checks is whether there is a problem with the vaccine itself.

[Lee Jae-Hyun / Member of the Damage Investigation Group (Professor of Severance Allergy Medicine): We first think about whether it is directly related to the vaccine or because the vaccine is contaminated.]

If it is not a problem with the vaccine itself, a strict procedure to determine the cause of death is strict. Is in progress.

[Jae-Hyun Lee/ Member of the Damage Investigation Group (Professor of Severance Allergy Internal Medicine): After re-verification.

If the data are insufficient, we will continue to ask for a re-examination for the investigation and we will investigate until we are sure.] In

particular, autopsies can be performed for people with chronic diseases like this one.

[Jae-Hyun Lee / Member of the Damage Investigation Group (Professor of Severance Allergy Internal Medicine): It is really difficult to reveal the causal relationship with the vaccine for those with underlying diseases.

This is because other factors are involved too much.]

However, the possibility of acute severe allergic reaction and anaphylaxis after vaccination was not very high.

There have also been cases of death after vaccination against Corona 19 in countries around the world.

402 in the UK, 171 in France, 113 in Germany and 93 in Norway were reported, all of which said vaccines were not the cause of death.

However, it is not possible to completely rule out the possibility that mild fever, fatigue, etc. that appear while immunity is activated will adversely affect the debilitating elderly or chronically ill.

[Eun-kyung Jung/Chief of Disease Management Administration: (Elderly people and chronically ill patients) receive vaccination on a good day, and drink plenty of fluids while waiting for vaccination.] If the

elderly and chronically ill are not in a better condition than usual, medical staff. After consulting and getting the vaccine, you should check your body more closely.

(Video coverage: Kim Hyun-sang, video editing: Lee Seung-ryul)