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One of the few good things that can be extracted from a process as messy - and essentially sad - as that of the

United Kingdom's exit from the European Union

is that local artists have reacted to the event with fury and creativity.


response movement that crosses genres and generations

and that has been filtered through direct references (the songs

I Love EU

, by Gruff Rhys;

Full English Brexit

, by Billy Bragg;

Take My Country Back

, by Enter Shikari or

Everything's on the Up With the Tories

, by Brian Eno), full albums and even a new wave of young bands that, how could it be otherwise,

have added Brexit

and its economic, political and social consequences

in his speech



If there is an adjective that can be applied to the majority of young rock groups in the UK it is


Shame, of course, they sound like that.

Raw, at full speed, unpolished.

Their debut album,

Songs of Praise

(2018), put them on the map.

Very long tours and a second album,

Drunk Tank Pink

, released this same 2021, have consolidated their status within the music scene of the islands.

Now they

sound even more powerful sonically and personal biographically

, as is apparent in

Born in Luton

, the opening of the recent album.

The Good The Bad & The Queen



that make up

Damon Albarn

(Blur, Gorillaz),

Paul Simonon

(The Clash),

Simon Tong

(The Verve) and the recently deceased African drummer

Tony Allen

(mythical collaborator of Fela Kuti) dedicated their second album (

Merrie Land

, 2019) to Brexit.

They did so by drawing an

analogy between the referendum and a failed love relationship


As usual in Albarn, he draws a love / hate letter to his country, always wrapped in a halo of magnetic and exciting melancholy.

Sleaford Mods

Hailing from Nottingham and with an innate knack for capturing the spirit of their time, Sleaford Mods function as

observers for the b-side of the country


In his last two albums (

Eton Alive

, 2019 and

Spare Ribs

, 2021), the pre and post Brexit society sneaks into each of his verses.

The group's format is also special: Andrew Fearn is in charge of the


- live, to hit play and have a few beers on stage - and Jason Williamson, to recite

lyrics halfway between punk, rock and hip hop



Out There they

sing: "Let's Get Brexit Fucked by an Horse's Penis until its Misery Splits."

Find your own translation ... if it is needed.


If you combine the sound of grime that you have been listening to since childhood with the rawness of British punk, you will find Slowthai.

His real name, Tyron Kaymone Frampton, explains that


that gives the title to his most recent work.

Tracks like

Nothing Great About Britain

, a name shared with that of his debut album, speak for themselves.


very fast and charismatic


and his ability to

capture the small details of the daily life of his country have made him great


Darts also appear in his lyrics against Boris Johnson, the monarchy, the implicit racism in the UK and against the ancient British class society, as well as other demons of their own.


Perhaps the great leaders of the last "pen?" (In the UK there is always a new scene forming) regeneration of British punk.

Idles are

raw, powerful, and they sound angry


Dozens of references to the culture of our time sneak into his music.


Well Done they

furiously exclaim, "Why don't you get a job? / Even the Queen has a job."

His imaginary and his relationship against Brexit are perfectly manifested in


taken from his second LP,

Joy as an Act of Resistance


Nadine shah

In December 2017 he tweeted: "Brexit is stupid. Breakfast is great."

Sometimes a phrase can perfectly summarize a feeling and an opinion.

Nadine Shah is a good representative of multicultural Britain that some try to see as a danger.

He has

Pakistani and Norwegian origins

and works almost as an activist through intensely personal rock that is sometimes elegant and other times furious.


nationalism and Islamophobia are some of their targets


As she says: "My job is to document the time we live in."

Kae tempest

Poet, composer, playwright, novelist ... Kae Tempest (as she calls herself now, removing a letter from Kate, her former name) is one of the great voices of British popular culture of the last decade.


manages to be smart without being indoctrinating


Exciting without falling into the sentimental.

Furious without losing subtlety.

Brexit has been looming for years like a threatening shadow over his work.

Explicitly, as in his song

Europe Is Lost

, but also in LPs like

The Book of Traps and Lesson

(2019) whose cover, a passport, was

a warning to sailors


Bob vylan

No, the name is not a typo.

Bob Vylan, first of all, they are a duo.

And originally from London, not Duluth.

Halfway between punk and hip hop, they take no prisoners


Their songs are very short and they go to slaughter denouncing injustices related to racism suffered in the first person (

We Live Here

), police brutality (

Pulled Pork

), socioeconomic inequality (

England's Ending

), extreme nationalism (

I Heard You Want Your Country Back

) and accurate anti-government proclamations (



Goat girl

Let no one be fooled by the color of his photos and the eclectic of his music.

The true soul of this quartet of Londoners resides in their lyrics, which are

not afraid

- quite the contrary -

of being confrontational


telling the truth

(their truth).

They had already made it clear that theirs was interesting in their debut namesake.

But they amplify ambition and talent on the very recent

On All Fours

, a follow-up album from that one.

In their song

SCUM they

do not go around with metaphors: "How can the whole country be / so short".


It seems like forever, before the referendum and Brexit was finally a reality, Skepta (real name: Joseph Jun Adenuga) released an album titled


that catapulted him to the fore on the British rap scene.

The new life of this musician of Nigerian origin living in the London neighborhood of Tottenham has not prevented him from forgetting his

origins, racial tensions and the reality of the

United Kingdom.


England Lost he

collaborated with Mick Jagger himself to make his particular anti-Brexit statement.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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