Prosecutor General Yoon Seok-yeol is drawing attention today (2nd) by pouring out his ‘committed remarks’ criticizing the ruling party’s enforcement of the Great Crimes Investigation Office (Investigation Office).

In the legal community, there are observations that President Yoon's remarks in the media interview have a kind of'message' to his passport, and that he is also concerned with the political stone in the future.

In a media interview today, President Yoon criticized the passport's enforcement of legislation in a strong tone, saying, "I will bet 100 times if I can stop it by taking my job."

In fact, this remark is unusual in that President Yoon maintained the position of'no resignation' even in the course of an extreme conflict with former Justice Minister Choo Mi-ae.

As such, it is interpreted that the desperateness of being the'head of the prosecution' was reflected.

In fact, there is an atmosphere inside the prosecution that accepts the establishment of the investigation office as a matter of the life and death of the prosecution office.

It is also observed that Yoon's remarks may be a message to the passport, as the passport has always demanded that President Yun resign.

It is said that Yoon pulled out the'Resignation' card as a strategy to block the forced current of the Investigation Office.

It is an analysis that it is not unrelated to the condition that'if the establishment of the investigation office can be prevented' as a condition of resigning from the post of general president.

It is also worth noting that Yun called for interest in the people, not the National Assembly, which is a representative body.

He said, "If necessary, I can go to the National Assembly to explain it, but expanding the contact with the National Assembly does not mean that it is not something that can prevent (prevent the legislation of the Investigation Office)," he said, indicating that communication with the National Assembly is limited.

President Yoon emphasized the damage to the people caused by the collapse of the criminal justice system and urged the public's attention.

Regarding the establishment of the investigation office, he emphasized, "It is an important matter that has to do with the interests of the people of the people," and that "we only wait for the formation of the right public opinion."

This can also be interpreted as meaning that Yoon will in fact give up communication with the National Assembly and go to public opinion war for the remaining four months in office.

It can be interpreted in the same context that the company made the first public steps after returning to work while predicting the encouraging visit of the Daegu High Prosecutors' Office and District Prosecutors' Office tomorrow.

However, if the Prosecutor General makes a direct appeal against the public, not the National Assembly, it can be seen as a political stone by forming a confrontation with the passport.

In particular, with the public interest in his actions since the retirement of President Yoon, if he takes the position of president and engages in public opinion war, there is a possibility that it will bring about a political wave outside the issue of the investigation office.

(Photo = Yonhap News)