Over 5 billion pages on illegal downloading dereferenced -


Google is regularly criticized for its lack of response to illegal download sites.

However, the Mountain View firm has set up a tool for several years to facilitate the reporting of sites infringing copyright or rights holders.

And if the latter is not always considered sufficient by the main stakeholders, it has yet passed a symbolic milestone, that of five billion URLs referring to dereferenced pirate sites.

The Web giant has just published a new transparency report about its means put in place to help rights holders protect their works from pirate sites.

We learn that very precisely 5,035,549,233 URLs of sites whose content infringes copyright have been dereferenced.

An obviously significant figure that is the result of reports from over 241,000 copyright owners and involves over 3.1 million unique top-level domains.

It will be less easy to access these sites

Among the domain names most reported via the Google tool, we can notably mention 4shared.com, mp3toys.xyz and rapidgator.net.

Between them, they have more than 157 million reports.

The sites concerned may offer to download creations protected by copyright or facilitate illegal access to these works.

Note that the delisting of a site does not mean that it has been deleted.

It is in fact always accessible.

It is simply no longer listed in Google search results.

Internet users who wish to go to dereferenced sites will have to do so manually or use other search criteria.

For rights holders, de-listing is a way of limiting access to content shared illegally, without solving the problem of illegal downloading.


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