Professor Jung Min-seok of the Department of Anatomy at Ajou University School of Medicine, famous for being a'doctor who draws cartoons', was criticized after posting a ``proud of son'' on social media.

Professor Jung Min-seok is a character known as the anatomy learning cartoon'Haerangi, Malangi'.

This cartoon was also published in the February 2017 issue of the Scientific Citation Index Expansion (SCIE) journal, Anatomy Science Education (ASE).

● Proud of unnoticed son,'Dad Chance' brings controversy

Professor Jeong said on Twitter and Facebook on the 1st that his son, Beomseon Jeong, became an assistant professor in the anatomy class of Wonju University, Yonsei University.

However, the process was controversial by explaining that "I got a medical doctor with my help" and "My son is the co-author of the neuroanatomy textbook I always talk about."

Netizens pointed out whether the achievements were achieved through'dad's chance', and began to question Professor Jeong's remarks.

As a result of the Academic Research Information Service (RISS) search, 20 out of 34 journal articles searched by the name of'Jeong Beom-seon' were identified as co-authors with his father, Professor Minsuk Jung.

Among the thesis on Professor Jeong's homepage, many of the first authors were'Chung BS', which is believed to be his son Beomseon.

● Suspicion of following the prostitution account as a'sub-account' has

also raised suspicion that Professor Jeong is following the prostitution account.

One of the 10 accounts that Professor Jeong followed was his name,'Minseok Jung.'

However, the other'Minseok Jung' account was mostly following accounts that advertised meeting conditions and prostitution.

When a netizen who discovered this pointed out, "Is both accounts correct?", Professor Jeong stopped following the account of'Minseok Jung' right after the question was asked.

So far, Professor Jeong has not revealed any other positions regarding the controversy.

Currently, his Twitter account has been deleted.

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(Photo = Jung Min-seok Twitter, RISS website capture)