Recently, lies about the Corona 19 vaccine are spreading out wrapped as if they were true.

It's ridiculous that if you don't get the vaccine you will be arrested, and if you get the vaccine, you will become a zombie.

The government has decided to respond strongly to these lies that could foster distrust about vaccines.

Reporter Kim Hyung-rae will deliver this news.

<Reporter> This

is an article recently posted on an anonymous bulletin board for office workers.

Pfizer vaccine goes through a dilution process by mixing saline solution before vaccination, and the government is compelling to increase the amount of vaccine by mixing more saline solution than recommended.

It's obvious fake news.

The quarantine authorities explained that the dilution ratio is the same, only to reduce the amount of vaccine discarded by using a special domestic syringe, although it may hit 7 people per bottle of Pfizer vaccine.

There are also articles in the form of articles stating that if you refuse to be vaccinated, you will be arrested urgently.

As a result of the confirmation, it was fake news that synthesized the logo of a media company.

[Sae-Kyun Jeong/Prime Minister: Even though it is ridiculous, such as'the vaccinated people cause seizures and turn like zombies,' it spreads online and often promotes distrust and anxiety.] The

government actively responds to fake news. I requested to hurry to organize the Korea Communications Standards Commission.

The number of domestic Corona 19 vaccinations increased by 1,442 a day yesterday (1 day), exceeding 23,000.

Vaccinations also started on Ulleungdo Island, where the vaccine was delivered by a military helicopter last Sunday.

[Kim Hyung-seop/Director of Songdam Silver Town, Gyeongbuk (Ulleungdo No. 1 vaccination): I thought it would be okay if someone was right, so I came here today.

It's not too much of a


and I think it's the same with a cold vaccination.] Although

157 cases of adverse reactions were reported over three days, all of them were mild, including mild headaches and mild fever, health officials said.

(Video coverage: Han Il-sang, video editing: Park Seon, VJ: Oh Se-gwan, screen courtesy: Ulleung-gun Office)