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Janssen vaccine has been approved for final vaccination in the United States.

It is expected to enter Korea in the second quarter, and approval review is underway at the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety.

This news is reporter Kim Hyung-rae.

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CDC of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention of the United States has finally approved Johnson & Johnson's Janssen vaccination.

Janssen is the third licensed vaccine in the United States after Pfizer and Modena.

Janssen vaccine, like AstraZeneca, can be stored at room temperature between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.

In addition, it is the only one of the five vaccines that have been confirmed to be introduced in Korea.

[Kim Jeong-ki/Professor of the Department of Pharmacy, Korea University: (Other vaccines) should finish up to 2 doses to obtain the best immunity.

In the case of Janssen, because it only takes one vaccination, there may be a part that the vaccination rate is fast.] In the

results of phase 3 clinical trials conducted in 8 countries including the US and South Africa, the overall preventive effect was 66%, compared to Pfizer and Modena Although falling, the effect of preventing severe diseases was relatively high, about 85%.

The part that achieved this effect with one inoculation is evaluated as an advantage.

In particular, the effect of prevention against the South African mutant virus was about 57%, which was higher than that of AstraZeneca, which was only 22%.

The Ministry of Food and Drug Safety initiated a permit review for Janssen on the 27th of last month, and the results are expected to come out around the beginning of next month, considering that AstraZeneca took about 6 weeks from application to final approval.

The government has pre-purchased 6 million Janssen vaccines and will be introduced sequentially from the second quarter. If approved as scheduled, the vaccine will be available in April.