• Scandal.Netflix remembers the 'Nevenka case', the drift of a macho society

  • Success: behind your eyes: sex, morbid and a bomb ending in the hit Netflix series

RED SKY (Netflix, March 19)

From the creators of

La casa de papel

... This phrase promotes a

frenetic thriller

in which

sex, drugs and good

pop and rock'n'roll


appear in high doses


Verónica Sánchez, Lali Espósito and Yany Prado

give life to three prostitutes who escape from a whorehouse when their owner (

Asier Etxeandia

) refuses to free one of them.

It is then that the characters played by

Miguel Ángel Silvestre and Enric Auquer

become pursuers who will not stop until they catch these women taking up arms.

Smells of success.


The end is near

for a series that has marked a before and after when it comes to telling stories with the undead.

In order not to spoil the experience, it is good to know that the action in this

new batch of episodes of season 10

is set just a few months after the survivors crossed the territory of the Whisperers and suffered the consequences of the deployment of the Alphas closely.

Pure action with

many surprises

, something common in a blockbuster that has given rise to a whole universe

(Fear the Walking Dead


The Walking Dead: World Beyond

) alternative.

THE TEMPLANZA (Amazon Prime Video, March 26)


El tiempo entre costuras

, another series aspires to successfully adapt a

novel by María Dueñas



La tempelanza


Leonor Watling, Rafael Novoa, Emilio Gutiérrez Caba and Juana Acosta

'travel' until the end of the 19th century.

In this meticulous 10-episode production, the plots of love, betrayal, adventure and action take place in

settings as spectacular

as a mining community in Mexico, London salons exclusively for the rich, Cuba or Jerez wineries.


romantic period drama

that promises to hook the viewer.


At first glance, the

similarities between this series and

Look what you've done

, by Berto Romero

, are more than evident.

On this occasion, the protagonist of a

comedy that destroys the clichés of fatherhood


Martin Freeman

, star of

The Hobbit


and the




Here, the English actor gives life to Paul, an English father who discovers with his wife (

Daisy Haggard

) that having children has its moments of great happiness ... and others that not so much.

It remains to be seen if it is as fun as Berto Romero's proposal.


Marvel and Disney

continue to exploit the possibilities offered by characters that some met in comics and many more thanks to feature films from the



that have gone down in history at their box office.

The six-part series that now arrives recovers Falcon (

Anthony MacKie

), the great ally of Captain America, and the Winter Soldier (

Sebastian Stan

) in adventures in which we see them face the great villain Zemo (

Daniel Brühl



Paco León, Leonor Watling, María León, Mariam Hernández or Nancho Novo

are some of the well-known faces that appear in this two-episode miniseries (the second will premiere in April) set in a hospital.

The cross stories that appear in

Besos al aire

reflect the hard times that Spain experienced during

confinement due to the Coronavirus


Love, drama and heartfelt tribute to the 'heroes' who gave everything in a difficult time are the hallmarks of a project that combines drama with comedy.

LIBERTAD (Movistar +, March 26)

It is a curious initiative that

Enrique Urbizu

has had

with this production.

On March 26,

Libertad will

be released


in theaters

as a film

and on Movistar +

as a series with five chapters.

Ginés García Millán, Bebe, Jorge Suquet, Luis Callejo or Sofía Oria

are some of the protagonists of a production set in 19th century Spain in which Bebe plays Lucía la Llanera, a brave woman who must flee from bandits and gunmen sent by Governor Montejo.

They, along with Lagartijo, Aceituno and Juan, Lucía's son, make up a group of unique characters from a


when betrayal was a bargaining chip.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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miniseries Behind their eyes: sex, morbid and a bomb ending in the hit Netflix series

Netflix remembers the 'Nevenka case', the drift of a macho society

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