During the third day of the COVID-19 vaccination, yesterday (the 28th), 40 additional reports of adverse reactions were received.

All adverse reactions have been confirmed as mild cases that are common after vaccination.

According to the Central Defense Response Headquarters (Bang Dae-bon) today (1st), 40 people reported an adverse reaction the day before, all of whom were vaccinated by AstraZeneca (AZ).

As a result, the cumulative adverse reactions after the start of vaccination on the 26th increased to 152 cases, of which atrazeneca vaccine was 151 and Pfizer vaccine was 1 case.

Fever of 38 degrees or higher (76%) was the most common among all reports of adverse reactions, followed by muscle pain (25%), headache (14%), nausea (11%), chills (10%), dizziness (9%), and hives (9). %) and so on.

All were mild cases, and no serious adverse reactions have been confirmed to date, said Bang Dae-bon.

Jeong Eun-kyung, head of the Bangdae Headquarters (Director of the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) explained, "All symptoms reported as abnormal reactions after vaccination are symptoms that can appear during normal immunity formation, and most of them disappear without special treatment within 3 days."

Doctors who treat suspected adverse reactions after vaccination must report in accordance with the law, and only those who consent to receiving text messages among the vaccinators are guided to send text messages and report them through the website of the vaccination assistant.

Meanwhile, 765 people received the vaccination the day before, and the cumulative number of vaccinations for three days was 21,177.

Among them, 26,13 people were vaccinated against AstraZeneca and 564 people were vaccinated against Pfizer.