『Until the end of SBS, the Panda Team revealed for the first time the property details of the Christian Torch Foundation, which was founded by former Shin Dong-A Group Chairman Choi Soon-young on January 19th.

Until the end, the panda team tried dozens of times to ask a question to the former chairman Choi before the report, but no response was heard.

Only after the report, the former chairman said that he was "unhappy" against the'shindo', not the reporter.

However, there was still no answer to the reporter's question.

Panda team through to the end - covering File, and again specifically disclosed in the relevant property, former Chairman Choi history, also reported a new coverage information. "

'unpaid surcharges 150 billion won' collapse was still a conglomerate of luxury living ...

In the background, I made my own'Torch Foundation'

Soon-young Choi is unfamiliar to the younger generation these days.

However, for those who remember the 1980s and 1990s, Former Chairman Choi Soon-young was a really hot person back then.

At that time, the Shin Dong-A Group, led by former chairman Choi, had 22 affiliates, including Korea Life Insurance, and gained prestige by constructing 63 Building, Korea's representative skyscraper in 1985.

And as much as that hot prestige, the road of downfall was noisy.

The Shin Dong-A Group was disbanded in the aftermath of the financial crisis in 1997, and in the process, former chairman Choi was investigated by the prosecution for smuggling foreign currency worth 200 billion won.

In 2006, the court later decided on a five-year imprisonment for former chairman Choi and an additional fine of 157.4 billion won.

However, the former chairman Choi was specially pardoned after the inauguration of the Lee Myung-bak administration in 2008, only two years after the sentence was confirmed, and until now, he has not paid a single won.

The tax arrears also amounted to 107.3 billion won.

Former Chairman Choi ranked third in the cumulative ranking of arrears tax announced by the National Tax Service at the end of last year.

The reason why the former chairman Choi, who even went bankrupt for various economic crimes, does not pay additional surcharges and taxes is simple.

"There is no money".

However, his life is still'Chairman'.

For the first time, the luxury life of former chairman Choi was revealed in 2013 when he visited the delinquent tax collection team in Seoul.

The ruined chaebol, who call themselves empty, had a luxury car, a driver, and a self-contained luxury villa in Yangjae-dong of about 100 pyeong.

Nevertheless, the city's arrears tax collection team at the time only seized 330 million won worth of movable property from former chairman Choi.

This is because the luxury villa where the former Chairman Choi resides was owned by the Christian Torch Foundation.

At the time, the public was greatly sympathetic, but the situation remains the same after eight years.

The couple of former President Choi and his two sons still reside in three luxury villas owned by the Torch Foundation, each driving a luxury car, and having a driver.

Choi Soon-young in 2013 and 2021.

Nothing has changed.

Exclusive acquisition of the articles of association of the Torch Foundation…

First disclosure of reported property details The

Christian Mission Torch Foundation owns a luxury villa in which the former president's family resides.

The chairman of this missions organization is Mr. Hyung-Ja Lee, the wife of former President Choi.

The founding chairman is the former chairman.

Former Chairman Choi founded the Torch Foundation in 1989, which was running the Shin Dong-A Group.

In the Christian world, it is known that the Torch Foundation exists in the background of the luxury life of the former president Choi's family.

Former President Choi himself has said, "I am living with the help of the church."

Chairman Lee Hyung-ja receives a monthly salary of 15 million won from the Torch Foundation (as of 2013).

A former official of the Torch Foundation, who met the reporter, said, "I know that the two sons of the former chairman Choi and his wife also live by virtue of the Torch Foundation."

The religious foundation created by'Past Soon-Young Choi' is seeking'Current Choi Soon-young'.

Nevertheless, little was known about the scale of the Torch Foundation's assets.

Until the end, the Panda Team decided that a detailed grasp of the property scale of the Torch Foundation would be the first step in finding the direct basis for the luxury life enjoyed by the former chairman's family.

And after the interview, I obtained the articles of association of the Torch Foundation, which had not been disclosed so far.

This included a list of properties reported to Seoul by the Torch Foundation itself.

● The

size of the Torch Foundation assets, at least KRW 180 billion,

until the end, the Panda Team

estimated the

current Torch Foundation assets based on the list of assets according to the articles of association.

In the case of real estate transactions that have occurred recently, the actual transaction price was taken into account, and the real estate that did not occur was calculated'conservatively' based on the Foundation's reported amount and publicly announced land price.

The total amount of real estate produced in this way is about 1792,772.8 million won.

Until the end of SBS, the Panda Team will organize and disclose the'basic property list' included in the articles of association of the Torch Foundation, which has been obtained independently.

The evaluation amount is the amount reported by the Torch Foundation directly evaluating the relevant land and buildings.

1. Area of ​​Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul

-Torch Mission Center with more than 70 billion won reported by the

Foundation In the Christian world, the torch foundation reminds me of Yangjae-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul.

This is because the Torch Mission Center, which is called the headquarters of the Torch Foundation, is located, and luxury villas in which the former president's family resides are gathered.

The Torch Foundation reported in its articles of incorporation (revised in 2015) that the estimated value of the Torch Mission Center was KRW 38.4 billion for land and KRW 35.1 billion for buildings.

The area of ​​the site where the Torch Mission Center is located is 9397m2.

The site remains after the Torch Foundation donated part of the Torch Mission Center to the school corporation Torch Academy in 1996.

The total area of ​​the Torch Center, which was owned by the Torch Foundation before donating it to the Torch Academy, is 10,2703.2㎡.

(Chairman of the torch institute founded in 1996 and is also yihyeongja ssida torch institute was reported to evaluate the land and buildings for the torch Mission Center, some who donated 162 billion won.)

- torch cutting, rent 70 billion from Onnuri Church The Wondae

Torch Foundation has leased this Torch Mission Center to Onnuri Church, a representative large church in Korea.

Onnuri Church is using the Torch Mission Center as a chapel.

This is why many people know Yangjae-dong's chapel building, not the Torch Foundation, but the Onnuri Church itself.

The Torchlight Foundation signed a lease contract with Onnuri Church and set up a mortgage for rent at the Torch Mission Center.

The set amount of the root mortgage is 72.3 billion won.

(KRW 26 billion in January 2009, KRW 35 billion in September 2013, KRW 7.75 billion in December 2016, KRW 4.5 billion in November 2017) At least 70 billion KRW was handed over in the name of rent. The multiple pastors who met the reporter said, "The rent is so large that it is hard to find in the Christian world."

-3 luxury villas in Yangjae-dong with 3~4 billion won...

All three luxury villas owned by the Torch Foundation with a

market price of over 10 billion won and the

former chairman's family resides.

It is a two-story stand alone, and it is located very close to the Torch Mission Center.

The Torch Foundation reported these villas in the range of 500 million won to 1.7 billion won, including land and buildings, but the current market price is about 3 billion to 4 billion won, according to nearby real estate.

A luxury villa that differs only by the owner of the same complex was sold for 3.15 billion won at the end of last year.

These villas were built by Shin Dong-A Construction of former chairman Choi, and were later transferred to the Torch Foundation.

The Torch Foundation reported that the purpose of using these luxury villas was'training center'.

Buildings built for the purpose of education of missionaries or pastors are actually used as'offices' where the family of the directors reside.

2. Area of ​​Manjeong-ri, Gongdo-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do

: The land evaluation amount of Anseong City is stated in the articles of association as a total amount.

Total Total 17.6 billion.74 million won

: According to the articles of incorporation, buildings located in Anseong City have a small evaluation amount, so the total amount should be recorded in the coverage file.

-"Ten thousand pyeong of net exhausted land covered with reservoirs"

The land in Manjeong-ri, Gongdo-myeon, Anseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, is a place that has not been well known outside of the property owned by the Torch Foundation.

The land alone is over 200,000 square meters, and the Torch Foundation evaluated this land at 17.6 billion won.

However, local real estate officials explained that "the market price of the land owned by the Torch Foundation is about 1 million won per 3.3㎡."

A real estate official said, "It's a really good land with a reservoir in front and a mountain in the back."

It is said that the Torch Foundation has been doing large-scale farming in this land for a long time.

A nearby real estate official explained, "There are residential facilities in the green house," and "foreign workers live and work there."

A pastor who is familiar with the internal circumstances of the Torch Foundation said, "I know that the agricultural products produced here are sold to believers and pastors."

3. Other areas

The building for training purposes located in Yeongrang-dong, Sokcho-si, Gangwon-do, was purchased by the Torchlight Foundation in February 1998 and sold to a real estate investment company in May 2017.

The transaction value on the registered copy is 1.55 billion won.

It is said that the villa in Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, for the purpose of a company residence, was vacated for a long time.

Residents of the villa said, "I haven't seen Mr. Choi or Hyeongja Lee."