A driver who drove on the highway was caught by the police on a report from a citizen.

It turned out that this reporter was the daughter of a taxi driver who followed a drunk hit-and-run driver in Busan a few days ago.

Reporter Kim Sang-min is the report.

<Reporter> On the

highway, an SUV slows down and crosses the lane at will.

It looks more anxious in the tunnel.

He turns on the lane change signal saying he wants to go to the walled right and then he goes left.

[(Emergency call 112, hello.) A car that seems to be a drunk driving car is running around very staggering, right now.

It is very dangerous.] The

reporter is Kang-mo, a woman in her twenties who called for a substitute article to return home.

Delivered the real-time situation to the police.

[Mr. Kangmo/Reporter: Speed ​​increases again.

It is suddenly increasing.]

At last, a nearby highway patrol car was reported and went in pursuit, and the driver in his 50s, who was caught after driving another 10 km from the first report point, was still drunk at the level of revoking a license.

[Mr. Gangmo/Reporter: I saw something sloppy in the direction of the driver's seat on the left. It seems like the car came from a crash... .]

There was a reason and the spirit of reporter Kang.

Kang's father was the taxi driver who helped the arrest by chasing a drunk hit-and-run criminal in Seomyeon, Busan three days before the incident.

[Reporter Kang's father (last 24th): Uh, pedestrian! pedestrian! I just was almost an accident car hit a pedestrian.

[Bristles's / notifier: It's very one suffer even a tough one (women are) also absurd because side suffered and I also, complex father jarangseureopgi]

Father united with thorough citizenship The courageous behavior of her and her daughter caught drunk driving, which could lead to a bigger accident.

(Video editing: Kim Joon-hee, screen provided: Busan Police Agency)